I’m the kind of person who likes a pen and paper more than a keyboard. I’m the person in the coffee shop scribbling on napkins when an idea inevitably pops into my head. Sometimes its just an image, not even a complete thought. I try and write down the image and then later craft a story around it. Sitting here in this coffee shop, looking out the window, I had one of those little flashes and scribbled away. I’ll share it with you.

–The sun was getting low on the horizon. The sky was that strange mixture of oranges, purples and pinks and the day’s last lights were glistening on the water. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. He gazed ahead. This might be the last sunset he would ever see and he didn’t want to waste it. He just wanted to forget, if only for a moment, and take in the warmth. As the sun finally made its final descent beneath the water he looked back one last time. He looked back on the life he knew he had to leave behind. Looked back on all the things he should have become. Looked back on the all the things he became instead. And with that thought, he pushed the boat off the shore, took a deep breath, and let the tide take him out into whatever future lay ahead.–

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