Flashback: Part 1

Flashback is an ongoing [fractured] story. These are short individual components of a larger connecting narrative that is non-linear. Hope you enjoy.


I remember the river like it was yesterday. The way that the water rushed over my feet, cold and refreshing, invigorating. My toes dug into the sand and rocks at the bottom. The sun shone down on my face and warmed me. The fresh bloom of Spring was fresh in my nostrils. Peace. That’s what I remember. Peace. It was like all the world decided to stop and just embrace the beauty that was within it. The moment stretched for an eternity and then went by before I could hold onto it.

I guess that’s life.

Those little moments that flash by but stay with us forever. Those are the best parts of life if we’re lucky. If we’re not those moments are the worst. For me, this moment, this one was good.waterside.jpg

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